About Us

Who we are and what we're doing


Who we are:

  • Ryan Glovinsky
  • Mollie Glovinsky (née Raymond)

What we are doing:

  • Traveling for an extended period of time, ~18 months or so

Why we are doing it:

  • Because it sounds fun, we don’t have kids, and we don’t own property
  • We are really looking forward to seeing our savings account deplete itself over the course of a year and a half

Why we chose the name Hot Sauce and Coffee:

When we were trying to come up with names, it came up as a bit of a joke, as we were just brainstorming ideas and we named Hot Sauce and Coffee as two things we liked. It had a nice ring to it, and also we were unable to come up with a better name. Additionally, people have since determined that one of us is Hot Sauce and the other is Coffee. We leave it up to you to determine who is which.

More about us:

Ryan is a:

  • Software Developer
  • Metal-head
  • Poor Guitarist (Poor referring to skill level, not necessarily level of wealth)
  • Enthusiast Categories Below:
    • Single Origin Coffee
    • Pizza
    • Firearms
    • PC Hardware
    • Cars
    • Mechanical Keyboards
  • Creator of bulleted lists
  • One of the presumably ~17 people who bought a Wii U

Mollie is a:

  • Nurse
  • Runner
  • Coffee-drinker
  • Fan of opting outside
  • Morning person