The Raymonds Come to Visit!

I cried when I found out my parents were coming to visit us 😬

I was so excited!!

High on the priority list was obviously ice cream. Our favorite at the time- LadoBueno.

The second stop was the most beautiful bookstore in the world- El Ateneo Grand Splendid. It’s in an old theater and just begs to be photographed.

We went to the Teatro Colón to see the Orquestra Filarmónica de Buenos Aires. The whole experience was amazing- the music and the building were breathtaking.

We drank the best beer at Strange Brewing (and finally managed to find a sour beer in this city).

We saw the Casa Rosada- the pink house, Argentina’s white house. Cue Madonna singing “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” from the balcony.

We saw the famous Puente de la Mujer, Women’s Bridge, in Puerto Madero.

We went to San Telmo Market, an indoor antiques and food market.

We traveled to the border of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay to visit [Iguazu falls](

We also got to take a picture at the [Triple Frontier]( The foreground is Argentina, on the left is Paraguay, and on the right is Brazil.

We had an awesome Airbnb here in the jungle. Granted, it was very remote and the power went out on our last night. My dad and I were convinced we were definitely going to be murdered. Ryan was totally fine, and my mom just kept doing the dishes 😂The generator eventually kicked in and we were totally fine. Still a super unique, beautiful place to stay though!
Once we were back in Buenos Aires, we did a few walking tours. One of our tours was in [La Boca](, an old neighborhood in the city where many immigrants in the working class lived. It's the birthplace of tango and the famous [Boca Juniors]( soccer club.

The second tour we did was [La Recoleta Cemetery](, where many wealthy Argentine families are buried... and a certain notorious wife of an ex-president. Most of the mausoleums are way OVER. THE. TOP. See below:
We took the ferry across the Rio de la Plata to see the historic city of [Colonia del Sacramento](, Uruguay. Here is a road (called the "road of sighs" \[Calle de los Suspiros\]) built in the 17th century by the Portuguese.

Back in Buenos Aires, we went to the [Municipal Decorative Art Museum](, which was originally a palace built in the early 1800s belonging to a wealth family with a large collection of artifacts that has since been turned into a museum. It was free when we went and totally worth it. It ended up being a spur of the moment decision but we easily spent two hours wandering the gigantic mansion.
And on the last night, we went to a [_milonga_](,_ where Argentines go to tango.

It was sad to see them go but we're looking forward to more adventures in the future!

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