El Calafate...

...and El Chalten

Our next stop was a two hour flight northwest to El Calafate, which is also the name of a of berry local to the region. This city is has a population of about 20,000 people and would you believe it- pink flamingos! Here is poor quality picture proof, because let’s face it I’m not a professional wildlife photographer. We rented a car last minute, which allowed us to 1) Experience Argentine driving for ourselves and 2) Explore the city while staying warm. [Read More]


The City at the End of the World

Ushuaia is the southernmost city in Argentina. It’s surprisingly bigger than we expected- about 100,000 people call the city home. Also surprisingly, it is a major manufacturing and shipping hub of the country. There is definitely a strong industrial vibe outside of the touristy center. It is cool being in a city while seeing and feeling these tremendous mountains all around; it truly feels like the end of the world! [Read More]

Tierra del Fuego

Land of Fire

In the house I grew up, we had a big world map hanging up in the hallway upstairs. Twice a day when I would brush my teeth and was otherwise unoccupied for two minutes, I would study this map. One place always drew my attention: Tierra del Fuego. Land of Fire. Doesn’t that name make your imagination run wild? What must the land look like to inspire such a name? [Read More]