Dulce de Leche

...on everything

I had heard tons about dulce de leche before ever making it to Argentina because of Ryan and his obsession with all things sweet.

It was still severely underrated.

For those of you who have never been lucky enough to try Argentine dulce de leche, it’s similar to caramel but 1000x better. Take sweetened milk, heat slowly, and voila! (via the Maillard reaction) you get this delicious, creamy, thick condiment to put on toast, cookies, fruit, or to have in lattes, ice cream, etc. For me, it was love at first bite.

Even the way it is said by an Argentine, doolse, is evocative of the confection’s heavy, luscious consistency.

This morning, I had it in a latte. Yesterday I had it with sliced apple. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll put it on toast. I’m looking at you, avocado 😜

You can even buy it online if you’re curious to try some:

Serenisima Dulce de Leche Estilio Colonial

Are you a fan of dulce de leche? What is your favorite way to eat it? Let me know in the comments! 😊