First Impressions of Buenos Aires

I have been enjoying my first few days in Buenos Aires immensely. We’ve been doing a fair bit of walking around the local neighborhood (Belgrano), mostly to coffee shops. We did spend one day in the car with Ryan’s aunt in San Isidro and one day by car in Palmero, Recoleta, and Almagro.

I will get better pictures later but here are a few to whet your appetite:

What I really wanted to accomplish with this post was to collect my first impressions.

  • The look and feel of a big city- many people out walking on the streets, moving with purpose. However, no one’s in a rush when it comes to enjoying a cafe con leche.
  • Car lanes are mostly a suggestion, though drivers seem to communicate right of way fairly well. Also, any place you fit is a parking spot.
  • Pedestrians have to fend for themselves. Crossing the street has never felt more like suicide.
  • All of Buenos Aires runs at the park on the weekend.
  • There are so many parks! Lots of green space. Plus, it’s fall here so there’s a nice brisk feel to the air and a nice crunch of the leaves as you walk over them. The rose garden, surprisingly, still has roses blooming.
  • There are so many museums! Seriously, six just in this neighborhood.
  • An architect’s paradise with a wonderful mix of old and new buildings.

I also thought I would struggle with the meal schedule here. Dinner is notoriously late- 8 to 9pm is considered early. Seriously, restaurants close in the afternoon at 4pm to reopen at 8pm for dinner. There are five (or six) meals here: breakfast, lunch, merienda (afternoon coffee/tea and snack), and dinner. And of course, the sixth meal is dessert or postre. And if you’re Ryan, helado (ice cream).

DWNTGB (Do We Need To Go Back) Rating

Ryan -

I have to say yes. I have family here, as well as my favorite ice cream in the world. I don’t feel like I need to do a lot more touring of the city, but I fully expect to be back here for many more visits. Who wouldn’t look forward to more ice cream and dulce de leche?

Mollie -

Yes so much. I love Buenos Aires. I was ready to move here after the first week and I still feel the same way. Now if only I could convince my husband…

Conclusion: Take Us Back

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